male-strippers.jpgWhile he’s known for his impeccable fashion sense on USA’s “White Collar,” Matt Bomer will be flexing his acting — and abdominal — muscles as a male stripper when “Magic Mike” opens in theaters on Friday, June 29.

The film is based on title star Channing Tatum‘s own real-life stripping experiences, and the friendly Bomer tells Zap2it, “Channing is one of my favorite people I’ve ever gotten to work with. He was incredibly accessible to all of us, which was really important in being able to tell this story. He created this environment that was very ensemble-oriented, even though he was ‘Magic Mike.’ He made everybody feel special and welcome.”

Also citing Tatum as “an incredible resource and a great leader,” Bomer notes “there was dramatic license taken” with the story of Tatum’s own days as a stripper in his late teens, “but I wanted to make sure I nailed whatever aspect he wanted put out there. He sent me videos from YouTube of this guy he thought would be a good basis for my character. Then, everybody got to run wild with their own ideas.

“I’ve never been more proud to be a part of a movie,” Bomer maintains. “It’s a fun film, a great summer movie … and obviously well-done.” That’s because its maker is Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic,” “Erin Brockovich,” “Ocean’s Eleven”), deemed by Bomer “one of the great directors of all time, and one of the most prolific as well. It was just a dream come true to get to work with him.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin