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When you’re at a comic book convention, you should always be nice to your neighbor. You never know — he might also be the star of some of your favorite movies.

Exhibit A: Mark Ruffalo and Jared Leto were both in attendance at the just-concluded New York Comic Con, but they weren’t dressed as Hulk and The Joker, and they weren’t hiding behind a velvet rope in a VIP area. Instead, they were walking among the (sometimes literally) unwashed masses, browsing on the convention floor.

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So, you might ask, how did they avoid getting mobbed? Well, to the average onlooker, Leto was just another dude in a Rafiki mask. So, when he asked to pose with a Joker from “Suicide Squad” (the role that Leto plays in the upcoming film), the cosplayer had no idea. Imagine the reaction of this kid the next time he looks at his Instagram:


Ruffalo, meanwhile, was busy similarly enjoying a weekend of anonymity. Dressed as a cigar-chomping, mustached guy in flannel, the “Avengers” star hung out with his son and walked right past hundreds of unsuspecting fans. Check out the bored dude on his cellphone, unaware he’s standing five feet behind one of the biggest movie stars on the planet:

Had a great time at #comiccon2015 NYC! Thanks ComicCon for the Hospitality.

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So, the bad news is that if you saw one of these costumes at NYCC, you missed your opportunity to get an autograph or picture with a huge Hollywood star. But the good news is, if Ruffalo and Leto try this stuff again on Halloween, you’re now ready to bust them when they come to your door looking for candy.

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