mark wahlberg entourage movie Mark Wahlberg says 'Entourage' movie held up by greed

Don’t hold your breathe waiting for that “Entourage” movie. It sounds like hope that the continuation will actually happen is slowly dying. While creator Doug Ellin wants to do the movie, and at least one of the cast members is on board, Mark Wahlberg says green is holding things up.
TMZ caught up with Wahlberg, an executive producer on the series, and asked him when fans would see the movie. “As soon as them guys stop being so greedy,” he says. After a beat, Wahlberg then throws out the nicer answer, “No, we just want to make sure … it’s one of those things where if the movie is a success, then we’ll get to make a lot more of them, and then everybody will make a lot of money. We want to make it for the fans. It’s the most I’ve ever been asked about a movie.”
It was reported by Page Six that Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara are holding out on signing their contracts for the movie, though Jeremy Piven has already agreed to return as agent Ari Gold.
The script for the movie is done and ready to go into production once deals are reached and a schedule is agreed upon.
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