To guarantee authenticity in movies, directors often hire all kinds of experts to make sure they get the details right. For Martin Scorsese, that included someone to help Leonardo DiCaprio properly act like he’d taken way too many Quaaludes in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
During an appearance on “Conan,” Scorsese says the scene of DiCaprio under the influence of the drug, where’s he’s barely able to move or speak, called for an expert. Whoever that person is will remain a secret, but he jokes, “I could put in a few words there myself.”
Scorsese admits he has a little bit of history with Quaaludes. “35 years ago, yeah. You know, at that time they were legal,” he says. “I was actually prescribed a Quaalude for fear of flying. And when you took this pill, it was like a five hour flight, whenever you took that pill? You didn’t care where you were going.”
That sounds like a much nicer story than what DiCaprio’s character went through in the movie.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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