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After Michael Bay announced that the version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” he was producing would feature the famous mutants as aliens, fans of the franchise were up in arms. According to Bay, “The turtles are from an alien race,” and he dubbed them “tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable.”
After people registered their dissatisfaction with the change, Bay defended the change on his own website, writing, “Fans need to take a breath, and chill.” He went on to say that the script was being worked on with Kevin Eastman, one half of the team that created the original comic book.
Now that the movie is in production, the question has come back up in an interview with Moviefone. Bay’s changing his answer now, saying it’s not the turtles that are alien, but rather the ooze that mutates them. As for his earlier comments, Bay says he never corrected himself in the press, but assures he does listen to fans. “I think they’re going to be really happy with this movie. When I see the digital stuff, the turtles look great,” he says.
Bay also talks about the early stages of planning for “Transformers 4.” Mark Wahlberg has been cast in the lead, and will be joined by Stanley Tucci and “Bates Motel” star Nicola Peltz. Bay says the robots will have a different look the next time out. “I’m literally redesigning every character, top to bottom,” he says, “There’s a reason why they’re redesigned, but it’s also to keep it new and fresh to me.” However, he believes the fans will appreciate the new look they have, along with the of the new characters he plans to bring to the story.
A release date has not been announced for “Transformers 4.”
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