tyson 50 shades of gray Mike Tyson: '50 Shades of Grey' spoofed in 'Scary Movie 5'

Here’s a pairing we never thought we’d get: Mike Tyson and “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Still, according to new reports, that’s exactly what viewers who head to see “Scary Movie 5” when it comes out will receive.

The New York Post reports that Tyson stars alongside Ashley Tisdale and Jerry O’Connell in a scene spoofing the E.L. James erotic novel. O’Connell plays a Christian Grey-like character who attempts to seduce Tisdale’s character. “Prepare for a night of unparalleled passion,” he says after blindfolding her with a red mask. “Your safe word is … deeper.”

That’s reportedly when Tyson’s character walks in from another room and tells O’Connell, “Golly … thanks for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag.” O’Connell replies, “I was surprised by your performance as well. Not bad for a washed up, overweight, facially tattooed –” at which point Tyson punches him in the face. O’Connell laughs and says, “Do it again!” and then is seen hanging up in chains.

Apparently that’s not the only “Fifty Shades”-inspired scene, as another shows O’Connell spanking Tisdale before accidentally revealing that he has two goats strung up in leather gear. Though we’re still not sure what an erotic novel has to do with a movie mocking horror films, “Scary Movie 5” is due in theaters on April 12.

“When they told me we were spoofing ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ I was kind of nervous,” Tisdale tells the Post, adding that Tyson seemed “intimidating.” “It turned out to be hilarious,” she says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz