Nobody is safe when it’s Jennifer Lawrence doing the pranking. During an interview for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2,” the team at Smosh decided to have a bit of fun with the star, asking her ridiculous questions and trying to make things as uncomfortable as possible. What they didn’t know is it’s them who wasn’t in on the joke.

Lawrence and her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were actually working with Dylan Miceli-Nelson — a Smosh superfan — as part of Prank It Fwd, a series of prank videos that raise money for charity.

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While Smosh co-creator Ian Hecox was being fed things to say to Lawrence by his partner-in-crime Anthony Padilla via an earpiece, he didn’t realize the actress was wearing one as well. On the other end, Hemsworth, Hutcherson and Miceli-Nelson guided her through pretending to be annoyed and offended by just about everything Hecox says.

His “Hunger Games” puns go over like a lead balloon. At one point she even asks him, “Are you high?” before shooting arrows at his face with a toy crossbow repeatedly. From there things go downhill are Lawrence complains about the way Hecox smells, his lack of respect and professionalism and eventually walk out on the interview.

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Of course, when it’s revealed what’s really been going on, the Smosh guys can’t believe they’ve been duped. “We’ve never been pranked ourselves and we always do all these pranks, so it was about time,” Padilla says.

Now comes the park where the video can do good for a charitable cause. Prank It Fwd is a group that donates one dollar to for every 1,000 views a video gets. Thus far, this installment has over 390,000 views after less than a day.

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