monsters university mothers day disney pixar 'Monsters University' says Happy Mother's Day with Julia Sweeney's Ms. Squibbles

In “Monsters University,” Disney Pixar’s upcoming prequel to “Monsters, Inc.,” Julia Sweeney voices the character of Ms. Squibbles. She’s the mom to “Squishy” Squibbles, a new pal — and fraternity brother — of Mike and Sulley.
As the Mothers Day video greeting from the Monsters U gang points out, moms are our biggest fans. Plus, moms who are anything like Squishy’s mom usually give super awesome advice, like: “You’re going to ruin your eyes .. Seat belts! … Smile!”
So remember to celebrate the mothers in your life Sunday (May 12). Hey, you might even send her this video as your own prequel to Mom’s Day. If it makes her smile like it made us smile, then our work here is done.
“Monsters University” hits theaters June 21.

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