mtv awards super 8 MTV Movie Awards: Cryptic 'Super 8' clip does nothing to diminish our excitementBefore he introduced a clip from “Super 8” at the MTV Movie Awards, writer-director J.J. Abrams talked about how he had hoped to keep some things secret.

Well, mission accomplished. The quick-cut selection of scenes from the movie, which opens Friday (June 10), didn’t really reveal more than we already know. But it also didn’t do anything to dampen our fervor for the movie.

What you will see is a little bit longer versions of scenes from previous trailers, along with significantly more destruction caused by the alien/monster/presence that breaks out of the wrecked train. There’s also a great line by Noah Emmerich‘s military commander, who tells small-town sheriff Kyle Chandler, “If you’re asking if we had dangerous persons on board this train, I can assure you the answer is no.”

If you’re asking if we’re seeing “Super 8” on opening weekend, we can assure you the answer is yes. Here’s the clip:

Posted by:Rick Porter