Any day with a new parody trailer for “The Muppets” is a good day. So Thursday (Sept. 15) is a good day.

The latest in the movie’s series of spoof teasers takes aim at a rather unlikely subject — David Fincher’s version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” which is about as un-Muppet-like as a wide-release movie can get. But the film’s teaser trailer from a few months back, it turns out, adapts rather well to Kermit, Jason Segel and Co.

“We know we haven’t done a parody in a while,” the smash-cut title cards read, “but one trailer made us stop ‘Dragon’ our feet. Get it? Man, that thing was awesome.”

They had us as “‘Dragon’ our feet,” but the closing “Wocka. Wocka. Wocka” pretty well seals the deal.

“The Muppets” opens in theaters Nov. 23. What do you think of the new teaser?

Posted by:Rick Porter