The “Twilight” hype machine, as we mentioned before, is in high gear. And now with the “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” less than three weeks away from its U.S. opening on Nov. 18, clips and TV spots are being released so fast, we’re having trouble keeping up.

Another freshly-released TV spots gives us a little insight into Bella’s (Kristen Stewart’s) pregnancy.

Being pregnant is a sometimes uncomfortable enterprise no matter what you’re having, but Bella doesn’t really know what to expect — Boy? Girl? Fully-grown vampire? Not only that, but the little tyke is putting her life in jeopardy — it isn’t just the pregnancy complications, but there’s a wolfpack, among others, gunning for her.

And then, they had to give Bella that Christopher Walken ‘do. Like we said, it’s rough.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson