james betsy franco general hospital Oscars 2011: The nominees' moms (or 'mominees') have their sayABC caught up with the mothers of some of the nominees and put together a segment from (among others) James Franco‘s mom Betsy, Mark Wahlberg‘s mom Alma, Jeremy Renner‘s mom Valerie, Matthew Libatique‘s (“Black Swan” cinematographer) mom Georgina Libatique-Porter, Mark Ruffalo‘s mom Marie Rose and Darla Anderson‘s (“Toy Story 3” producer) mom Annie Latta-Krach. Here is what they had to say:

Betsy Franco (pictured above with James on “General Hospital”): “He was who he was from the minute he was born. He seemed to like to explore a lot. I’d take him to the fields near our house and just let him look at every little thing he wanted to look at for hours … I was on the edge of my seat and whenever he’d look at the camera and say, ‘Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t call back,’ I thought he was talking to me.”

Alma Wahlberg: “He was a producer when he was four years old. I was so excited, Usually the first time I see the movie, I’m just paying attention to Mark. Not with this movie. … It would be nice to be thanked, but he did all the work and he deserves it.”

Valerie Cearley: “When Jeremy was a kid, he was obsessed with being a ninja. He had the whoel ninja suit. Knew no karate.”

Georgina Libatique-Porter: “When he started to be curious about his father’s camera, my husband taught him how to work the camera. When he went to junior high school, his father gave that camera to Matthew.”

Marie Rose Ruffalo
: “He was in ‘West Side Story,’ he was just natural on stage. He just loved it … The news was on and all of a sudden I hear, “and Mark Ruffalo” and I was like, “Oh my God!”

Annie Latta-Krach: “Darla is a very determined young woman. She sets her sights on a goal and she just goes for it … Someone said to me, ‘Well you know she couldn’t have done that without you’ and I just kinda looked at them like, ‘Oh, yes, she could have.'”

Adorable. These same mothers will also be live-tweeting the show, so be on the lookout for those.

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