Jean DuJardin.jpgAll of you “The Artist” haters, step aside. Whatever you think of the film (and we loved it), you have to admit that star Jean Dujardin could charm the pants off anyone. Every movement of his eyebrows and sexy smile he throws at the camera has us floating on clouds like a smitten rabbit in an old cartoon.

Though Dujardin isn’t necessarily considered a frontrunner to win Best Actor, we’re pretty sure that “The Artist” is a lock for Best Picture. We’ll take any chance to see Dujardin on that stage that we can get. Want to see more? You can see almost all of him (ahem)  in the French film “Lost in Rio,” according to Perez Hilton.

On the red carpet, Dujardin and his lovely wife stopped to chat with Ryan Seacrest. His accent made every word sound classy (we love a good accent … sue us), even lines like, “I’m not very intellectual.” He’s also confessed to having a great love for America’s cinnamon rolls. Oh Jean, we have so much in common! He had a translator with him, so we’re not sure how soon we’ll see Dujardin in English films, but we’re really hoping he’s broken out the Rosetta Stone. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

Posted by:jbusch