muppets kermit miss piggy gi Oscars 2012: Which fictional character should host? (Muppet Oscars, anyone?)Now that both Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy are out of the 2012 Academy Awards telecast, we can once again commence speculation on who should host next year’s Oscars.

While there are plenty of viable humans perfectly capable of the job — you can see a list of a few good selections here — we have a better idea. Why not a fictional character?
Inspired by the sizable Facebook and Twitter campaign lobbying for the Muppets to have a crack at the gig (which we wholeheartedly support, by the way), we’ve come up with a list of other fictional characters who would do an excellent job at hosting the 2012 Oscars.
1. Ron Swanson, “Parks and Recreation” — You wouldn’t have to worry about any of the usual timing issues, since Ron’s ceremony would be approximately 20 minutes long (including a commercial break).
2. Megan, “Bridesmaids” — It’s Melissa McCarthy‘s year, we’re all just living in it.
3. Michael Bolton, “Office Space” — The most apathetic ceremony ever!
4. Jenna Maroney, “30 Rock” — You’d have the opposite problem here. Jenna would spend so much time including her own song-and-dance numbers that she’d probably forget to give out any awards at all.
5. Tim Riggins, “Friday Night Lights” — Shirtless, obviously.
6. Jeremy Grey, “Wedding Crashers” — It’d be money, baby. (Sorry, all of Vince Vaughn‘s roles blur together.)
7. Dexter Morgan, “Dexter” — A slightly darker take than Anne Hathaway’s chipper enthusiasm of 2011.
8. Damon Salvatore, “The Vampire Diaries” — We’d also suggest he go shirtless for this one, but since he looks so good in a tux, it’s a toss-up.
Who else would you add to the list? Which fictional character is your dream Oscar host?
Posted by:Jean Bentley