paranormal-activity-4-Katie-Featherston-paramount.jpgSo what if “Paranormal Activity 4” debuted this weekend to lower than expected box office grosses? Paramount is not surprisingly pushing ahead with plans for “Paranormal Activity 5” to bow next October, and more surprisingly putting an untitled “Paranormal” spinoff on the fast track for a spring 2013 release.

Deadline reports the spinoff will be targeted at the Latino audience in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Argentina who have been key contributors to the franchise’s success. The project will feature a predominantly Latino cast and at least some Spanish language dialogue. A short sequence following the end credits of “Paranormal 4” teases the spinoff with a mysterious woman yelling angrily in Spanish at an unseen figure holding a camera.

Earlier this year, Paramount had a modest success with “The Devil Inside,” a low budget “found footage” exorcism thriller also targeted at Latino audiences.

“Paranormal 4” screenwriter Christopher Landon will write and direct the spinoff.

Meanwhile, “Paranormal 5” will stick with the continuing storyline of Katie (Katie Featherston) and the demon who has haunted her since she was a young girl. “Paranormal 4” reveals what happened to Katie and her nephew Hunter after she abducted him at the end of “Paranormal 2.”

It will be interesting to see how the spinoff helps or hurts a franchise that seems to be in decline after “Paranormal 4” opened with just $30 million following last year’s $52.6 million debut for “Paranormal 3.” It certainly helps that the films are made relatively inexpensively. “Paranormal 4” carried a reported budget of just $5 million.

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