Paul Rudd isn’t going to let something like a Marvel movie stop him from continuing one of the oldest gags in late night TV. For years, whenever the actor appears on “Conan,” or any of Conan O’Brien’s talk shows, the clip from his current movie is replaced by one from 1988’s “Mac and Me,” a low-budget “E.T.” ripoff.

While one might think appearing for something as major as Marvel’s “Ant-Man” would break the cycle, Rudd just couldn’t help himself. While the clip starts out with a scene from “Ant-Man,” it quickly changes to “Mac and Me,” before the two movies crossover for the final scene.

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The actor even tricks O’Brien when playing the “real” clip a second time and it just ends up being “Mac and Me” again. “I’m so excited that everyone seems to excited about the movie,” Rudd says as the audience cheers and laughs.

Thankfully, this is one tradition that will never die.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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