pee wee herman getty Pee Wee Herman joins 'Frank or Francis' castPaul Reubens, a.k.a. Pee-Wee Herman, has joined the cast of Charlie Kaufman’s “Frank or Francis,” reports the Hollywood Reporter. Reubens will be acting alongside Jack Black, Elizabeth Banks and Steve Carell in the musical satire that takes on Hollywood.

The story of “Frank or Francis” is about a dispute between an intellectual director (Frank, played by Carell) and an online blogger (Francis, played by Black), who still lives with his parents and likes to criticize Frank’s films.

Other archetypal characters include Nicolas Cage as an actor known for high-concept films, Kevin Kline as a director of blockbuster movies, and Banks as an actress who makes formulaic comedies and is sleeping with Frank.

Reubens has been cast as an old-school film critic. Catherine Keener also stars. Kaufman’s previous releases include “Adaptation” and “Being John Malkovich.” “Frank or Francis” is slated for a 2013 release.

You know what’s kind of funny about this movie? Didn’t we all realize like five years ago that bloggers aren’t dudes living in their parents’ basements eating cheetos? We hope the movie satirizes that too.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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