Julian Morris might be known best for his roles in “Pretty Little Liars” as Wren and in “Once Upon A Time” as Prince Phillip, so his latest role in the film “Kelly + Victor” should be a bit of a change of pace for fans. In the movie, which made its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival and is only now coming out in the UK, Morris plays one half of a relationship that steers into some serious “Fifty Shades of Grey” territory.

“It’s a dark story, and S&M plays a large part,” he tells Mr. Porter. “I took the approach that [the sex] becomes like a drug for Victor. Here’s a guy who was born with no opportunities. He doesn’t have the money, the intelligence or the connections to break free, but he needs an escape, and this exciting new experience is where he gets it. Kelly — she’s just the delivery system.”

Actress Antonia-Campbell Hughes plays Kelly in the romantic drama, and hers is the character who exhibits sadomasochistic tendencies. Morris says that the opportunity to delve into this somewhat touchy subject brings him a lot of pride.

“It’s the most proud I’ve ever been of a role,” he admits. “People are really responding to it – and that’s something that doesn’t tend to happen with the more commercial roles I’ve played. … Playing Victor was the perfect role — it scared the s*** out of me.”

Are you intrigued by Morris’ role in “Kelly + Victor”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz