After watching the trailer for Disney’s “Prom,” we’re not entirely sure who the movie’s target audience is: Kids who might actually be going to their proms come spring or nostalgic grown-ups looking back on their own tux-and-corsage experience.

]]>Aimee Teegarden — finally get to a prom, something “FNL’s” football-season-only structure never allowed her to do. The movie also features the usual high-school cast of characters: the handsome brooder (Thomas McDonell), the always-together couple, the sweet nerdy guy who longs for the class beauty — it’s pretty much all there. The trailer is pretty much adorable too, in a gauzy, our-biggest-problem-is-finding-a-date sort of way. No one bursts into song in the teaser, but it’s Disney through and through. “Prom” is scheduled for release in April.

Posted by:Rick Porter