2016 is gearing up to be another great year for superhero movies. The comic-book entertainment playing field sure is packed but some personalities are rising to the top.

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With a new “X-Men: Apocalypse” trailer premiering during Sunday’s (Feb. 7) big game, many fans were thrilled at the footage of Psylocke literally cutting a car in half.

Olivia Mun went through some intense training to get in shape and take on the skills necessary to portray the mutant and she shows off some of her talents in the above Instagram post.

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Panning over to reveal the Merc with a Mouth, himself, Ryan Reynolds reacts with a sword of his own. Not for nothing, but that balloon isn’t the best option. With the “Deadpool” premiere on the horizon, it looks like Wade here doesn’t need a balloon when he has an army of clones at his disposal.

“Deadpool” hits theaters everywhere Friday, Feb. 12. “X-Men: Apocalypse” kicks off the summer movie season on May 27.

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