raiders of the lost ark mystery 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' mystery solved   Package's origins determined

When the University of Chicago admissions department received a mysterious package addressed to a one Henry Walton Jones, Jr. last week, the employees working at the college were a bit suspicious. If you didn’t know, “Henry Walton Jones, Jr.” is the “real” name for beloved fictional character Indiana Jones. Inside the package was a detailed replica journal similar to the one owned by Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that included postcards and pictures of Marion Ravenwood and was mostly handmade. The package was addressed to the college, and had been delivered to its mail department.

Was it a prank? A fan trying to pretend like Indy is a real person? The address on the package was addressed to a University of Chicago hall that was once the home of the geology and geography department, though it didn’t have any real stamps on it. The employees who received the package wrote a post on the UChicago Admissions blog asking the Internet for its help to figure out what was going on.

Well, the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” mystery has now been resolved. As it is reported by the Associated Press, the package was actually a part of a larger item that had been shipped from Guam to Italy after the journal was purchased on eBay. Unfortunately, the package containing the journal fell out and a postal worker, seeing it addressed to a Jones in Chicago, sent its on its merry way. Considering the stamps were fake, that’s pretty funny.

Garrett Brinker, a spokesperson for the university, said that the man in Guam who designed the journal is a “prop replicator.” “Apparently, it takes him two weeks to make one of these replicas and then he sells them to people all over the world. He says they usually go for about $200 [but] I believe this one went for $177,” Brinker said.

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has apparently become taken with the journal and is planning to display it in its main lobby. Hopefully whoever was supposed to receive the package in Italy has another copy on the way.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz