River Phoenix's final film 'Dark Blood' premieres in Berlin

River Phoenix‘s final film has made its debut. “Dark Blood” premiered at the Berlin film festival on Feb. 14, more than 20 years after the actor’s death.

Phoenix was filming “Dark Blood” when he died of a drug overdose, and the project was never completed. Director George Sluizer took on the task of finishing the flick after he rescued the rolls of film from the movie’s insurance company. “Dark Blood” was completed in January, and will also screen at the Miami Film Festival in March.

“I’m missing about 25 percent of it, and we lack a number of scenes, but having shown it to a few people after I salvaged it, who raved about the performances, I felt safe enough to continue,” Sluizer told The Guardian. He had a voice actor finish Phoenix’s scenes, and warns audiences that “Dark Blood” is “a chair with three legs.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz