river phoenix final film dark blood River Phoenix's final film 'Dark Blood' to premiere at Miami Film Festival

River Phoenix was 11 days away from completing his role in ‘Dark Blood’ when he died of a drug overdose outside The Viper Room nightclub in Hollywood in 1993. 
At the time, the studio canned the film because it was cost-prohibitive to replace Rivers or edit around his absence. The footage sat in a vault for several years until the movie’s director, George Sluizer, heard it was going to be burned to make space. He acted quickly to organize a heist of the footage and move it to the Netherlands. 
After suffering a health scare that left him near death, Sluizer decided to finish the film. “I said, well I want to finish the film and to leave not a garbage bag of film, but something decent,” Sluizer tells the BBC. “I did my best, with the material I had, to make it an understandable and plausible story. Apparently people say it works.”
“Dark Blood” will make its U.S. debut in March at the Miami International Film Festival.

Here’s a scene from the movie, which centers on a couple — Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis — who drive through the desert to repair their marriage and fall prey to Phoenix’s character.

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