2015 marks the 40th anniversary of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” — the film with the longest cinematic run in history. In honor of four decades of midnight screenings and sing-a-longs, the main cast, including Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn and Meat Loaf, have reunited for the first time in over 25 years.

The cast sat down with NBC’s Joe Fryer on “Today” to talk about filming conditions and the lasting legacy of the movie. Sarandon reveals during the interview that she got pneumonia during filming due to the cold weather and filming in a house that had no roof.

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Curry says that his original vision for the iconic Dr. Frank-n-Furter was to play him German until he heard a woman on the bus that inspired him to make the leader of the “Horror Show” sound like the Queen of England.

The cast also sat down with Entertainment Weekly, where Bostwick reveals why he thinks the movie is able to carry on its popularity for so many years.

“There’s something incredibly simple about ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in terms of its color and props and scenes,” says Bostwick. “And I think that’s what people respond to. That they can be any character in it if they have the balls to stand up and put those costumes on.”

For Curry, the most memorable beat of the film was the message of its final song.

“The thing that resonated for me more than anything was ‘Don’t dream it. Be it’ which is a really good slogan,” he says.

Posted by:Megan Vick