sam mendes james bond 24 directing gi Sam Mendes confirmed to direct next 'James Bond' movie

Sam Mendes, who directed 2012’s “Skyfall” will take the director’s chair once again for the next “James Bond” movie, the 24th in the franchise.
Mendes said in March that he had passed on directing another “Bond” film and would be focusing on his other commitments, including theatrical productions.  However, in May reports surfaced that Mendes could still sign on for the series.
Now, Fox News has confirmed that Sam will indeed return for the next installment, and he won’t have to give up his theatrical work. In a statement, the director says, “I am very pleased that by giving me the time I need to honor all my theatre commitments, the producers have made it possible for me to direct ‘Bond 24.’ I very much look forward to taking up the reins again, and to working with Daniel Craig, Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli for a second time.”
It should come as no surprise the producers would go out of their way to accommodate Mendes and his other work. “Skyfall” made over a billion dollars worldwide, making it the biggest “Bond” yet.
“Bond 24,” which doesn’t have a title yet, is scheduled for theaters in November 2015.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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