Angela-Big-Ang-Raiola-Sheree-Whitfield-Scary-Movie-5-Dimension.jpgIs “Scary Movie 5” determined to be the trashiest movie ever made? That’s what it seems like based on the first two photos they’ve released from the set.

First, we get Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed. Now, reality stars Angela “Big Ang” Raiola of “Mob Wives” and Sheree Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” come, uh… chest to chest. Apparently the two will have a rather explosive showdown on the big screen.

What any of this has to do with the film’s intended parody targets — including “Paranormal Activity,” “Black Swan” and “Inception” — we have no idea. But Dimension Films is promising “nothing is off limits or too outrageous” this time out. So you’ve been warned…

“Scary Movie 5,” which also stars Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon and Kevin Hart, is scheduled to open April 19, 2013.

Posted by:Zap2it