Celebrating the recent slew of Oscars that the action movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” took home at the 88th annual Academy Awards ceremony, Seth Meyers, host of”Late Night” on NBC, made a parody video starring himself as a much less furious character, “Reasonable Max.”

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Meyers portrays War Boy in the Citadel and attempts to reason with a crew of violent, bald misogynists and Immortan Joe with a polite conversation about conserving gasoline.

“I don’t want to put a dampener on our trip to Gas Town,” Meyers says, “but — quick question — do we all have to go? It feels a little silly and irresponsible that whenever we go to get gas, we drive a fleet of muscle cars that literally shoot out fire.”

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After Meyers then also suggests they all go green with a new recycling system, it becomes clear that his plea is falling on deaf ears and things do not end well.


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