Shia LaBeouf in Rob Cantor's "Shia LaBeouf"

Shia LaBeouf may have once worn a paper bag over his head proclaiming “I’m not famous anymore,” but he’s definitely transcended into infamy for his strange antics and artsy stunts.

The latest is a three-day marathon of every single LaBeouf feature film that he’s calling “#ALLMYMOVIES, which can be attended for free at the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan.

And for those outside of New York City, LaBeouf has provided a viewing link focused on his face watching the films that can be streamed online for free as well (no film footage, just LaBeouf’s face as he watches the movies).

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His reactions probably depend on the movie, but at least during the first couple of entries, “Man Down” and “Fury,” he wasn’t all that responsive. The films will be screening in reverse chronological order — newest to oldest.

Perhaps he’ll be more reactive when some of his earlier hits, like “Holes” or “Disturbia” pop up.

But for now, turns out Shia LaBeouf watches movies the same way everyone else does: while quietly looking at the screen.

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So far, it doesn’t seem like LaBeouf is doing this for any particular reason or to commemorate any specific film, but who can really tell … surely, LaBeouf will clarify his artistic intentions in due time.

And anyone who’s wondering whether or not to check out the Angelika over the next few days, take LaBeouf’s own advice: Just do it.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins