chris pine benedict cumberbatch star trek into darkness trailer 'Star Trek' villain revealed? Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing?

One of the biggest movies of the year is sure to be “Star Trek Into Darkness,” however there is a mystery surrounding the main antagonist. What’s known is that “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch plays the villain, referred to so far as John Harrison. While there’s been no explanation of who Harrison is, or why he’s such a bad guy, the most recent trailer makes it obvious he’s pretty powerful, and up to no good.
Ever since it was first announced that “Star Trek” was being rebooted by director J.J. Abrams, fans have shouted from the rooftops that the series needs to feature the most beloved villain from the original movies, Khan. When word got out that Cumberbatch had been cast in the second film, some fans assumed that was who he was playing.
That’s been denied every step of the way, though, until now. While this most definitely is not the “smoking gun” that fans are looking for, in regard to Cumberbatch’s character, it’s enough to keep people hopeful.
Entertainment Weekly’s February 15 issue centers around the new movie, with two collectible covers. One of them features Chris Pine as Captain James Kirk, along with Cumberbatch as Harrison. That’s not how they labeled it in their back issue store, though. Instead, the issue was titled “Kirk & Khan.”
ew slip khan in star trek into darkness 'Star Trek' villain revealed? Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing?
The internet quickly went into a frenzy, as many took this possible mistake/accidental reveal as the proof they were looking for. For their part, the website quickly corrected the mistake, removing the character’s names from the listing.
Now that it’s out there, the question is whether or not it’ll be confirmed by anyone. A source close to the production refused to confirm or deny the rumor, telling Zap2it simply, “People will love this movie!” Big surprise, there. So, the question remains, is Cumberbatch playing Khan? The more likely answer is someone at EW made a very large assumption, or a simple mistake. Either way, the movie looks great and will arrive in theaters May 17.
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