Lots of people love “Star Wars” and lots of people love to munch down on Pringles. What happens when the two very different things cross paths? Well, a slew of fan-made videos, of course. The two have joined up with a company called Tongal for a new contest called “The Force for Fun.”
Instead of letting some advertising agency come up with commercials, they opened the floodgates for anyone with an idea to bring it to the table. Once the possibilities got narrowed down, the chosen few got a budget to bring their ideas to life.
What that leaves behind is a bunch of fan-made “Star Wars” shorts that, naturally, heavily feature Pringles. Our favorite stars a group of friends recreating several key moments from “Star Wars,” using stuff they found around the house. Bet you never knew you could make a Darth Vader costume from a skull cap, sunglasses and a spatula, did you? If only they were friends with Mark Hamill, that would have sealed the deal.
To see how close they actually came to replicating the movie’s scenes, take a look at the side-by-side comparison below. After that, check out all seven finalists and figure out which one you like best.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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