Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams at San Diego Comic Con

The 88th annual Academy Awards are coming up in February, with nominations being announced Thursday, Jan. 14. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is whether “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be nominated for any categories beyond technical awards. Speaking to a small group of journalists at the 2016 TCA winter press tour, director JJ Abrams says he will definitely be disappointed if certain people don’t receive nominations.

“There are certain people that I know deserve it desperately and it would be wonderful if they got [nominated],” says Abrams. “I feel like the gift of working on that film is such that I don’t need any further validation than the movie being out there and people liking the movie, but there are people that I will be disappointed if they don’t get nominated, because I feel the work that they did was so exemplary.”

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When asked if he’ll name names, Abrams cracks, “No, because if I mention eight people, the ninth person will be like, ‘Thanks.'”

“But honestly,” he continues, “it feels sort of obvious to me who deserves that kind of recognition. They might not even care … but I feel like I saw how hard some of these artists worked and I feel like they are deserving — but they probably don’t.”

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