super 8 kids 'Super 8' previews earn $1 million; will it rule the weekend?The Twitter-fueled sneak previews of “Super 8” on Thursday (June 9) kick-started the movie’s box-office weekend with a $1 million haul.

The movie played in 324 theaters across the country on Thursday as part of a promotion Paramount ran with Twitter. It earned $1 million, but maybe more important put the movie in front of about 100,000 people who, the studio hopes, will talk up “Super 8” the rest of the weekend.

“It was a great result, especially since there was no consumer marketing,” Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Midnight screenings of “Super 8” (which weren’t part of the promotion) earned an additional $500,00, a fairly modest number compared to recent midnight openers like “X-Men: First Class” and “Thor,” both of which made more than $3 million in their midnight openings.

Most forecasts for “Super 8’s” opening weekend have it making in the neighborhood of $30 million. That’s not blockbuster territory, but considering the film only cost a reported $50 million to make and isn’t a pre-sold franchise, it would still be a pretty decent return.

Posted by:Rick Porter