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“He’s kinda similar to me but a little better, a little smarter and a little better looking,” Adam Sandler says of his “That’s My Boy” co-star, Andy Samberg, at a press conference Saturday (June 2).

“Like he’s got all good angles,” he continues. “I can fake being good looking, like, if I’m looking dead at you. But when I move left or right, it’s like, ‘What the f*** is that?’ Andy can turn his head and you’re still like, ‘All right, I like that.'”

Samberg, who plays Sandler’s son in the movie, talked about the impact Sandler had on his own life and career trajectory.
“I’ve watched “SNL” since I was eight, and wanted to be on it since I was eight, and I remember when [Sandler] came on the show,” Samberg recalls. “The moment when it was like, ‘Oh, this is my guy’ was the easy-to-do Halloween costumes on [Weekend] Update…A lot of comedians talk about when you saw some comedian or sketch or movie that feels like it’s made just for you, and that was definitely one of those.” 
Sandler describes Samberg as a hard worker throughout making their movie together, even though, as Sandler explained, they seemed to have a different approach to the hustle. 
“It’s not a common thing in my life, where a co-star is looking out for me,” the actor points out. “[Andy] would sit in his trailer, and [co-star] Will [Forte] too, writing jokes for me. It was beautiful.”
Sandler continues: “I think his future is whatever he wants to do with it; it’s going to happen. He’s a little less nuts than me. When I was his age, I was f***ing a little more obsessed with kicking a**. He’s a little more obsessed with having a good life. And I like that. He’s gonna have a nice life, and he’ll also kick a** if he wants to.”
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