dark knight rises videos 'The Dark Knight Rises' videos: Fake, real or just cool?The prevailing opinion is that a series of videos for “The Dark Knight Rises” posted by a YouTube user named TheFireRises aren’t officially connected to the movie.

If that’s the case, Warner Bros. should look into hiring the user. Because they’re pretty darn cool.

All three appear to combine real news footage with other images, including footage of the Gotham City newscaster played by Anthony Michael Hall in “The Dark Knight.” They also use the same sound file featured on the movie’s official site, which was used to reveal the picture of Tom Hardy as Bane a couple weeks ago. That file reveals a Twitter hashtag, #TheFireRises, and either the studio or an enterprising Batman fan claimed that name on YouTube as well.

Taken together, the videos seem to be teasing unrest and a possible breakout of criminals at Arkham Asylum. No one invovled with “The Dark Knight Rises” has said whether Arkham is a key part of the film (although there is a video game called “Batman: Arkham City” being released later this year), but it paints a pretty intriguing picture.

The videos — called “419.,” “Outbreak” and “GCN” — are below. Real or fake, what do you think of them?

Posted by:Rick Porter