kids reenact the fighter oscars aol 'The Fighter,' 'The Social Network,' more: Kids act out Oscar nominated films

All you fans of “cuteness,” take a moment away from and check out these reenactments of 2011 Oscar-nominated films featuring children who must have been manufactured in Candyland. Who knows better than AOL that we reserve a little piece of our day for trolling the interwebs for signs of adorable.
These are from their new “Kids Act Out” series:
“The Social Network”: “This is the smartest movie ever.”

“127 Hours”: “Ow, my arm is stuck.” 

“The King’s Speech”: “See-ee-ee-ee-ee-shells.”

“The Fighter”: Unintelligible Boston Accents

Which Oscar-nominated film would you love the kids to tackle next?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog