stephanie meyer max irons the host 'The Host' is not a repeat of 'Twilight,' says author Stephanie MeyerStephanie Meyer (above, left), author of the blockbuster “Twilight” book series, is hoping her fans follow her work to the first film of her second book series coming to the big screen — but that non-“Twilight” fans might find something as well.

“The Host” had its Hollywood red carpet premiere Tuesday night (March 19), where Meyer tells Reuters that this new movie is not a repeat of the “Twilight” saga.

“If [fans[ go into it wanting a repeat of ‘Twilight,’ they probably will not
be thrilled, because it is not. It is a very different kind of story. I think if
they are willing to go on a new ride with me and try out something a
little different than I think they will really like it,” says Meyer.

“The Host” is the story of a post-apocalyptic world where aliens have invaded Earth and take over humans’ bodies and minds, which causes conflict between the two beings that are inhabiting the same body.

Star Max Irons (above, right), who plays the love interest of the main character, says the movie can appeal to more than just Twihards.

“It’s a science fiction movie at heart, it is a story of human survival,” says Irons. “Yes, it has romance, but I think it has a lot more for a lot of different people.”

Meyer has said she hopes to make “The Host” a book trilogy, which would probably mean two subsequent films, depending on the success of the first movie.

“The Host” opens nationwide on Friday, March 29.

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