loraxmovieposter 'The Lorax': Official movie poster releasedDanny DeVito is the Lorax and he speaks for the trees. At least he will be when the big screen animation adaptation of the beloved Dr. Seuss tale hits theaters in March 2012.

On Wednesday (Sept. 28), “The Lorax’s” official teaser poster hit just in time to make us want to rush through the holiday season and park ourselves in a fully air-conditioned movie theater to watch Seuss’ take on environmentalism.

DeVito — who really was born to play Louie De Palma and the Lorax — is joined by a cast that includes Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Betty White, Taylor Swift, Willow Smith and Rob Riggle.

The story centers on a lone activist (The Lorax) who does his best to stop a environmentally-careless industrialist — The Onceler — from destroying trees to make Sneeds (which, according to the Onceler, everyone needs).

Can’t wait until March? Read the book or watch the entire 1972 CBS Television production (introduced by Eddie Albert no less) below.

We’re not sure the new production will include the classic musical accompaniment, including the unforgettable “Barbaloot Suits,” “Fish out of Water” and “For He’s a Jolly Good Onceler”:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson