thanksgiving movie poll 'The Muppets,' 'Hugo' or 'Arthur Christmas': Which Thanksgiving movie are you most excited to see?Three movies opened in wide release Wednesday (Nov. 23), and all three of them are aimed at getting kids and their parents into the theater together. “The Muppets,” “Arthur Christmas” and “Hugo” will all be fighting for a piece of the usually lucrative Thanksgiving-weekend box office.

For some of you, “Hugo” may not be an option. Though the Martin Scorsese-directed movie (based on the novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”) is opening in 1,277 theaters, that’s only about a third as many as the 3,376 locations for “Arthur Christmas” and 3,440 theaters for “The Muppets.”

Reviews aren’t much help in this case: All three movies have received glowing notices from critics, and they’ve all scored ratings of better than 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. So we want to put the question to you: Which movie will you see first?

Will it be the one featuring beloved (by grown-ups, anyway) characters making their first big-screen in more than a decade (“The Muppets”)? The one based on a well-regarded book and directed by a master (“Hugo”)? Or the original story from the studio behind Wallace and Gromit (“Arthur Christmas”)? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter