muppets green lantern 'The Muppets' spoofs 'Green Lantern' in latest trailer: 'It's not easy being green'“Green Lantern” opens Friday (June 17), and the latest trailer featuring the DC character’s oath … is not for “Green Lantern.”

It is instead a new teaser for “The Muppets.” It goofs on that other green hero hitting movie screens, and does so quite well (it even sounds like Ryan Reynolds doing the voice-over at the beginning). There’s also some actual footage from “The Muppets,” featuring bad guy Chris Cooper and Kermit getting smacked by an opening door.

Like the previous “Green With Envy” teaser, it’s also a spot-on parody — not just of “Green Lantern” but of superhero movie trailers in general, complete with ominous-sounding tagline (“It’s not easy being green”). And, we can happily report, the movie is not in Swedish. They promise.

“The Muppets,” with human stars Jason Segel (who also co-wrote it), Amy Adams and Cooper, arrives in theaters Nov. 23. Here’s the “Green Lantern”-ish teaser.

Posted by:Rick Porter