oogieloves box office 'The Oogieloves' has the worst box office weekend everNormally when Zap2it reports the weekend box office numbers, we start at the top. But when a movie has one of the worst performances in history, we sort of have to start there.

Say hello to “The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure,” which according to studio estimates just had the sorriest opening weekend for a widely released movie (2,000-plus theaters) ever.

The kids’ movie, which cost a reported $50 million $60 million to produce and market, made a paltry $448,131 over the weekend. It played in 2,160 theaters, meaning it had a per-screen average of just $207, getting in under the extremely low bar of the 2008 bomb “Delgo,” which averaged $237 per screen on its opening weekend.

“The Oogieloves” is the creation of Kenn Viselman, a marketing executive who brought “The Teletubbies” and “Thomas the Tank Engine” to America. The movie’s hook is that it’s interactive, so kids can sing and dance along. With an average of about 30 people seeing the movie at each theater over the entire weekend, it’s likely they had a lot of room to move.

As for the top of the box office, “The Possession” led the weekend with an estimated $17.7 million “Lawless” grabbed second with a little under $10 million, and “The Expendables 2” was third with $8.8 million. The weekend’s box office as a whole was about even with last Labor Day weekend.

The weekend’s Top 10 movies:

1. “The Possession,” $17.7 million
2. “Lawless,” $9.7 million
3. “The Expendables 2,” $8.8 million
4. “The Bourne Legacy,” $7.25 million
5. “Paranorman,” $6.55 million
6. “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” $6.1 million
7. “The Dark Knight Rises,” $5.9 million
8. “The Campaign,” $5.45 million
9. “2016 Obama’s America,” $5.1 million
10. “Hope Springs,” $4.7 million

Posted by:Rick Porter