the thing poster 'The Thing' review round up: is the remak...err, prequel worth your time?

So you have “The Thing” in your DVD collection, you say. So you’re worried about another blasphemous remake, you say. We don’t blame you. Hollywood has been pulling from the well for some quite some time. But is 2011’s “The Thing” just another carbon copy or is it a fresh take on a cult classic? Maybe these reviewers can settle the debate. Spoiler alert: it’s not looking good…

  • “‘The Thing,’ while technically a prequel to ‘The Thing’ — is clearly a remake. The characters have different names, but they fill the same functions, and they die in approximately the same order, and in approximately the same fashion.”
  • Detroit News: “It’s not rocket science, but ‘The Thing’ does offer solid cheap thrills for the slick gore crowd, proving once again: Horror doesn’t have to be horrible.”
  • New Orleans Times-Picayune: “Yes, it is derivative, but in a year in which films from the 1980s are getting needless remakes seemingly every other week, this one stands out as a rare one that works.”
  • Miami Herald: “The climactic sequence, a[n] ill-conceived finale…degenerate[s] into a rip-off of every monster-from-outer-space horror flick you’ve ever seen, only badly done and not the slightest big frightening.”
  • East Bay Express: “Director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. load[s] up [his] dull, torpid monster with leftover riffs from…Jurassic Park or the Predator series or the Alien movies…”

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