this is 40 'This is 40' trailer: Judd Apatow does it againThe most recent Jason Segel and Judd Apatow partnership, “The Five-Year Engagement,” didn’t do so hot during its first weekend of release. Hopefully, the next time the two team up, for December’s “This is 40,” will be much more successful.

Considering “40” is a sequel to Apatow’s hit “Knocked Up,” it has a good chance. Besides, the just-released trailer for the film makes it look disgusting, sweet and hilarious at the same time, i.e. the thing Apatow excels at. While Segel penned and stars in “Engagement” (Apatow produced), “40” is all Apatow — he wrote and directed the film, which stars his wife and children. Segel has a supporting part.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think. Will “40” be as hilarious and successful as “Knocked Up”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley