Thor.jpgAfter the success of ‘Thor’ (and the wonderful shirtless-ness of star Chris Hemsworth), people were surprised that director Kenneth Brannagh wasn’t coming back for round 2. Still, response was positive when “Monster” director Patty Jenkins took over. She helped get Charlize Theron an Oscar with that piece, after all.

According to Deadline, she is off the project now. Apparently, it’s due to creative differences, but the feeling is that she’ll be back on a non-sequel superhero film. Marvel is reportedly already canvasing agencies to find a new person to head up the production.

Time is of the essence as the film already has a release date of November 15th, 2013 and if we’re returning to Asgard (and how could we not be), the effects are going to be a massive part of the production time. We can’t wait to hear who’s taking her place!

Posted by:jbusch