Arguably the best part of “Thor: The Dark World” being released today is that promoting the Marvel movie has given Tom Hiddleston an excuse to be adorable daily for the past week. Whether it’s shoving little kids as Loki or dancing on “Alan Carr” or responding to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Reddit AMA, he’s kept fans giggling with glee during the “Thor” sequel’s entire promotional run.

The latest stop on the Tom Hiddleston Is Adorable train is at MTV’s comedy web series “After Hours.” This episode focused on Hiddleston attending a “slumber party” with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz that was replete with Avengers-themed pajamas, truth or dare and pillow fights.

When Hiddleston — wearing a Thor T-shirt, mind you — is asked which of his costars would be the best to have a slumber party with, his immediate answer is: Stellan Skarsgard.

“That would be hilarious. He would be naked. He’d insist upon it, the Swedish way. Let’s not do that,” Hiddleston says. Apparently part of what turned Loki evil was the lack of slumber parties in his youth. “That’s all he wanted,” Hiddleston laments. “Thor went off to have slumber parties with Sif and Fandral and Volstagg. Volstagg loves a slumber party.”

While an epic dare resulted in Hiddleston showing off his many, many dance moves, a truth got him to reveal that he has seen Chris Hemsworth naked. “He showed me a very funny picture of him with his baby. It was a demonstration of how small she was,” Hiddleston clarifies. “PG, PG, PG. It was hilarious.”

Do you find Hiddleston to be ridiculously charming as well?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz