British actor Tom Hiddleston gave an impromptu surprise performance in Nashville, Tenn. after the premiere of his movie “I Saw the Light” on Saturday (Oct. 17).

Hiddleston learned how to mimic the voice and motions of country legend Hank Williams to play him in the biopic film, and even though it’s been months since the film wrapped, the 34-year-old actor hopped up on stage and sang “Hey Good Lookin,'” “Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To Do” and “Move It On Over,” for the intimate crowd at the movie’s after-party.

“I’ve realized I’m incapable of doing any of this in a British accent,” Hiddleston jokingly admits to the audience, which includes co-star Bradley Whitford, who portrays music executive Fred Rose in the film, along with director Marc Abraham and co-star Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Williams’ wife, Audrey. Olsen can also be seen cutting a rug on the dance floor in the video.

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The biopic was originally set to premiere on Nov. 28, but Sony Pictures Classics reportedly pushed back the release date after the film received less-than-stellar reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, making it ineligible for Oscar convention in 2016.

Sony denies that early bad reviews are the reason the premiere was moved, but instead sayas that Hiddleston wasn’t available to do fully promote the film due to his insanely busy schedule. He’s “got three movies out potentially, so the press is consuming him,”  SPC Co-President Tom Bernard explains.

And both Hiddleston’s and Olsen’s performance have been receiving Oscar buzz since the movie premiered, to which Bernard says, “We’ll be able to go for it (Oscars) next year with him and re-open it at Christmas.”

“I Saw the Light” will hit theaters on March 25, 2016, making it eligible for the 2017 Oscars.

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