ActressBry_Kopal_16799091_600 As we reported last night, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke spilled some major frijoles to The Dish Rag at the Teen Choice Awards.

Turns out Bryce Dallas Howard was her first choice to play the villainous vampire Victoria in the first “Twilight.”


know we originally asked Bryce Dallas Howard to do the first movie but

she thought it was too small a part at that time.”

“I cast

[Rachelle] so I wish they could have worked out something. I wasn’t

involved in the negotiations so I don’t really know the inside story…

Either of them would have been good. It’s too bad they couldn’t have an

Alien thing where Rachelle (Lefevre) pops out of [Bryce’s] mouth!”

She even describes Rachelle Lefevre’s rehearsal for the role, using cat claws and a snarl.

Knowing this, how do you fans feel now about Bryce taking over Rachelle’s role in “Eclipse?”

Are you willing to give Bryce a chance since she was the first pick?


BTW, it’s all happening. Recent pap photos showed Howard arriving in Vancouver to begin shooting “Eclipse.”

See photos at

Keep reading to see our video chat with Hardwicke, who is such a refreshing and down-to-earth lady.


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