michael muhney veronica mars sheriff don lamb gi 'Veronica Mars': Is Michael Muhney returning as Sheriff Lamb?

Rob Thomas continues to deliver on his promise to share big news about the “Veronica Mars” movie with those who backed it on Kickstarter first. In addition to to giving details about the official fan event happening independent of their Comic-Con panel, Thomas also shared a very interesting photo from the set.
The picture is pretty simple, a photo of someone’s trailer door. However, the mystery comes with the name written on a piece of tape attached to the trailer, Sheriff Lamb. Marshmallows will remember that Sheriff Don Lamb (played by Michael Muhney) was killed in the third season, after being hit in the head with a baseball bat.
So, is Muhney returning? If so, how do they explain this one away? Is it something as simple as a flashback scene, or is it a case of Zombie Sheriff Lamb? A very plausible explanation could be that Lamb’s little brother or sister is now Sheriff of Balboa County, where the show is set.
It won’t take long to find out for sure, as Thomas promises to explain the photo Wednesday (July 17). At that time, he’ll also unveil a special website just for Kickstarter backers.
Then, of course, there’s Comic-Con on Friday, when all of the main players will take the stage in Hall H to greet their fans and show off the first footage from the movie. There will be a second chance to see the cast and watch pieces of the movie at a second event, organized by Thomas, Friday night at the Horton Plaza Regal Cinema in San Diego.
Check out the trailer photo below:
veronica mars sheriff don lamb muchael muhney trailer kickstarter 'Veronica Mars': Is Michael Muhney returning as Sheriff Lamb?
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