Warning: The above video contains coarse language.
In the war for Veronica Mars’ heart, both Logan and Piz have very unlikely allies. While promoting the “Veronica Mars” movie, Chris Lowell (Piz) and Jason Dohring (Logan) sat down with Zap2it to talk each other up.
It seems they are rooting for each other to get the girl in the end, for very specific reasons. Lowell realizes that Logan is the bad boy all girls want. “He’s handsome and he’s like a protector and he beats people up and they have all this chemistry and history,” he says. The chief reason? “It’s helped by the awe-inspiring Jason Dohring,” Lowell says.
On the other hand, Dohring is a fan of both Lowell and his character. “He will treat her right. He will make money. He will support her. He will love her,” Dohring explains. There are other reasons pertaining to Piz’s anatomy that he thinks give Piz the edge, though.
The one thing the two of them can definitely agree on is that they should take over for Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on Season 2 of “True Detective.” You hear that, HBO? It’s time to make that happen.
“Veronica Mars” is in theaters Friday (March 14).
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