Warning: The above video contains strong language and mild spoilers.
The news that Krysten Ritter was returning as Gia Goodman for the “Veronica Mars” movie, after going absent in Season 3 of the show, was shocking to many, including the actress herself. It’s a great kind of shocking, though. She tells Zap2it, “When Rob Thomas reached out to me I was thrilled … and surprised.”
What was even more surprising to her was how much Gia has changed. “She’s a grown-up; she’s been through some s***,” Ritter says. “Gia Goodman, who knew?” It was easy for Ritter to step back into the role. Upon reading the script, she surmised, “This makes sense to me.” From there, it was off to the races.
The fact that “Veronica Mars” is a Kickstarter-funded movie also brings just a bit of hope that perhaps another of her shows can return. “I think we should totally make a ‘[Don’t Trust the] B’ movie,'” Ritter says. “The show is just growing because of Netflix. It’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.”
“Veronica Mars” is in theaters Friday (March 14).
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