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Warning: The following contains major spoilers for the “Veronica Mars” movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, just stop reading now and go to the theater.
The “Veronica Mars” movie has been out a few days now and the die hard fans have had a chance to let it all soak in. The title character is back with a vengeance and the door to that world has been kicked wide open, leaving room for all kinds of new mysteries that need solving.
What of Veronica’s love life, though? Going in, the Team Logan and Team Piz camps were setting the internet on fire with the support of their chosen boyfriend. In the end, Veronica (Kristen Bell) was a member of Team Logan, which many of us knew all along. Their story is epic — you don’t need to hear that speech again to know it.
However, there was a shining moment for the Team Piz camp. Finally, after more or less playing Veronica’s lap dog since his introduction in Season 3 of the series, Piz (Chris Lowell) had enough. It’s not that she meant to treat him poorly, she just constantly took him for granted. She assumed he’d always be there waiting, while she did literally anything else. For a long time she was right, but eventually it becomes more than a person can handle.
In what is arguably one of the best scenes of the movie, Piz ends their year-long relationship, and doesn’t give Veronica the chance to talk him out of it. He does that after calling her out on not being there for him like he thinks she should be.
The only downside is it had to happen after she stood him up, with his parents waiting to meet her. What was nice though, is he didn’t even want to hear what she had to say about the situation. In fact, he cut her off to finish their breakup call. In that moment, Piz showed more backbone that he has in the history of the franchise, and it was a sight to behold.
Sure, he’s been an adult for a while, but emotionally it felt like the character grew up. Stosh Piznarski became a man. He still probably won’t be too happy to learn that what seemed like only a few hours later she ended up in bed with Logan, but what can you do?
At least Piz got the moral victory, and he’s free to move onto someone who will treasure him. What’s Parker up to these days?
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